How Keychange Locksmiths Helped an Estate Agent in Hanover Close a Big Deal

One of the industries we provide our security services to the most is estate agency. Due to the dynamics of their operations, they are always bound to face issues with lock and keys and the security of their properties. That’s why we have refined our locksmith services to quickly cater to the lock, key and security needs of the industry.

A client in Brighton had the opportunity to experience our stellar locksmithing services first-hand.

She is an estate agent who lost her keys and called us, sounding desperate over the phone because a big-time client was coming to inspect the property in about an hour.

Our emergency locksmith team arrived on the site in minutes and helped her gain entry to the house without any damage to the lock or door.

We completed the job within minutes and left the premises before her client arrived, giving her the privacy and conducive environment she needed to conduct her business.

As part of our after-sales customer service, we called her later in the day to find out if everything was working fine, she answered in the affirmative and was excited to inform us that she closed the deal with her client. We were happy we could put a smile on her face and could make you smile, too, if you use our locksmith services.

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How We Got a Group of Guys Back Into Their Car at Night

A group of guys in Brighton mistakenly locked their BMW car key in the boot. This happened in the night. In order to open the car, they smashed one of the car windows. Ouch!

To their surprise, the doors wouldn’t open from the interior door handles or locks. Unknown to them, the car was deadlocked and can only be re-engaged with the master key or remote.

After trying other means to forcefully open the car without success, they called us. Our locksmiths got to the scene in less than 15 minutes and in about 5 minutes, we helped the guys unlock their car using our high-tech locksmith equipment. The guys were stunned but excited, and they regretted taking the matter into their own hands instead of calling an expert locksmith.

How We Got Two Senior Citizens Back Into Their Home After a Lock Out

A client reached out to us from Barcombe. It happened that their elderly neighbours mistakenly locked themselves out of their home. They were cold, hungry, and distraught. Luckily, our 24-hour emergency locksmith service covers Barcombe and we arrived on site within minutes.

The job was straightforward and we didn’t spend up to a minute to get the senior citizens back into the comfort and safety of their home. It is good to have a good neighbour, it’s also good to have a local locksmith service who is like a neighbour and will respond to your call for help anytime, even in the middle of the night.

How We Helped a Restaurant in Telscombe Cliffs Secure Their Property After a Burglary

When we get calls at dawn from clients requesting for our security expertise, we often suspect that something bad has happened. We got one of such calls one morning from a restaurant owner whose property was burgled overnight and he discovered it when he went to open shop in the morning. The burglars had forced their way in through the front door, leaving the lock damaged.

Knowing it was a burglary incident, we went with our burglary kit containing advanced and high-precision tools covering a wide range of issues we may encounter. We changed the lock quickly so the owner can attend to his customers who were trickling in for breakfast. In addition, we advised the client on how to better secure his restaurant from burglary and mechanisms to put in place to deter thieves.

How We Upgraded the Security of a Nursery School in Cooksbridge

The leadership of a nursery school in Cooksbridge contacted us based on a recommendation from our former client to upgrade their security. We dispatched our team of security experts to survey the premises and assess their existing security infrastructure.

After the assessment, our security specialists discovered several loopholes in their security system that leaves children and workers exposed and vulnerable. We gave the school several options that will make the property safer and more secure. The school leadership settled on a hybrid of security solutions mainly based on a digital security system.

One of the security upgrades we did was to install a keypad security system. In this system, parents were given two options to enter the school – through a fingerprint or a code.

This system came with multiple benefits – it maximized the school’s security, tracked attendance, and helped the school administration with correct billing of tuition. And if someone were to be barred from picking up a child, his code and fingerprint can be deleted from the system to prevent such a person from gaining entry into the school.

How Keychange Locksmiths Solved a Complex Security Issue for a Housing NGO

An NGO that provides low-cost housing had a security issue that appeared complex and difficult to solve. The problem? Whenever they wanted to renovate a property, they will need to fit new locks and duplicate new keys multiple times. They did these because workers need access to the property to work on it. When the work was completed, they will fit another lock for the new tenant. And when the new tenant moved on, they will fit another lock for the incoming tenant.

This cycle of new lock fitting and key duplication/distribution went on for some time across several properties. This issue cost them money and time, so they consulted us for professional security advice. Our solution was simple and perfect: we installed a system where construction workers will be given a key to gain access to the property for the duration of the work.

Once a new tenant moves in and inserts her key for the first time, it will void the previous key and prevent unauthorised access. And the NGO was given a master key as part of the new system to use to access the property anytime to check the work that had been done. With this system in place, there was no longer any need for new locks to be installed or new keys cut repeatedly.

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