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Lock Maintenance in Brighton, East Sussex

Locked out of your home? Keys stuck in the lock? Getting hard to lock, unlock and open your doors? Perhaps it’s time for lock maintenance? Key Change Locksmiths provide 24-hour lock maintenance services in Brighton.

Key Change Locksmiths offer a full range of locksmith services from simple lock rekeying, lock replacement and more. If your key is jammed in the lock, we can extract the key for you. Our locksmith services are not limited to residential lock problems. We also cater to commercial and retail businesses. Key Change Locksmiths specialise in repairing a range of locking systems including anti-pick locks, anti-snap locks, anti-drill locks and anti-bump locks. If you want to schedule planned lock maintenance, call us today. Maintaining your locks will extend the life of your locks considerably.  Failing to do this, contributes to lock failures, lock-ins and lock-outs.  If you need an emergency locksmith we’ll get to you within 30-60 minutes in most cases.

Our reputation as the trusted locksmith in Brighton is vital to our success. Customer satisfaction is at the core of every locksmith service we offer. Key Change Locksmiths offers great value for money. We carry lock and key mechanisms for most wooden doors, aluminium doors and uPVC doors. Our mobile locksmith is right around the corner.

Our 24 X 7 Locksmith services include

Comprehensive Lockmith Services for All Sizes of Businesses and Residential Properties

Your equipment and locks won’t fall into disrepair when you choose Key Change Locksmiths. Our lock security expert has the skills to repair and maintain your security hardware. We keep your business premises and home safe and secure. We also service door locks, keyless locks and other security accessories. For nearly 10 years, Key Change Locksmiths has been a leading lock maintenance and repair company for customers in Brighton, East Sussex.

Key Change Locksmith’s experience and expertise enable us to provide high-quality, consistent and reliable lock maintenance services. We stay updated with the latest innovations and best practice in Locksmithing. This allows Key Change Locksmiths to provide our clients with cutting edge Locksmithing and home security services/insights.

Contact Key Change Locksmiths in Brighton today. Schedule lock maintenance and repair for your security equipment, doors and windows.

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

Our Lock Maintenance Services

Door, Furniture and Hardware Maintenance

Key Change Locksmiths offers security solutions for your exterior and interior doors and windows. After a full appraisal of your property, we suggest the best locks and mechanisms that are required to secure your property, from metal door locks, automatic operators, fire-rated door locks, hollow cores and more.

Our Locksmith in Brighton will provide the best locks and closer solutions for your business. Key Change Locksmiths solutions include kick plates, door alarms, exit devices, door closers and hinges. We also provide mortice and cylindrical locksets.

Call us today to speak with an expert locksmith, or fill a Contact Form and request for a free quote!

​0800 0209597 Contact us

Lock & Key Maintenance

Nothing is more important than your doors and windows when it comes to maintaining security on your property. Key Change Locksmiths provides an expert locksmith who will solve common lock problems. We only sell and install top-shelf products made from the strongest materials and engineered to last.

Our Lock and Key Maintenance Services Include

  • Key cutting
  • Security consultation
  • Rekey locks, doors and windows
  • Maintain and recode Smart Locks
  • Replace or repair locksets
  • Deadbolt installation
  • File cabinet lock installation
  • Doorknob repair and installation

Smart Lock Maintenence

Even the most secure Smart Locks require maintenance. Planned maintenance prevents fault occurrence and deterioration.

Key Change Locksmiths conduct regular checks to ensure the effectiveness of your  Smart Locks. Smart locks like regular locks and keys also require maintenence.  Your Smart Lock can replace your key, however the internal locking mechanisms are still the same still still require the same maintenence as locks.

  • Regular maintenence
  • Battery changing
  • Recoding to prevent unauthorised access
  • General door/lock allignment

Key Change Locksmith offers a comprehensive Smart Lock solutions that guarantee maximum security and peace of mind. We are NGCL accredited and are registered members of the MLA.  Our prices are based on the number of access doors and the number of visits per year.

Lock Maintenance Tips from Key Change Locksmiths

  • Ensure the door is properly hung. If the door is not alligned within the frame or it is loose, it puts pressure on the deadbolt and locks.
  • Doors, when slammed shut can result in the lock bold becoming bent back when they are improperly propped open on windy days. It could hurt someone and damage your door and more importatly lock you out.
  • Lubrication is important for proper door and lock function. Ensure you lubricate the hinges, locks, bolts and other door components.
  • WD40 can erode and decay nylon rollers/compenents of your doors and locks.  Only use Teflon or graphite based lubricants to remove accumulated grime and dirt that causes your lock to jam.
  • Check for wear and tear. If you have to jiggle your key continuously every time you try to open the door, your lock needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Make duplicate keys when you install new locks. They’ll come in handy when you’re locked out.
  • Ensure your deadbolt is working properly. The latch and deadbolt should work as intended or you could be locked out of your home. It should have sufficient space to retract and extend fully and set securely when the door is locked.
  • Clear the strike plate to remove dirt and debris that clogs it up.
  • Keep the sill clear of debris and detritus will keep your door functioning correctly.

When Should You Call a Locksmith?

Call Key Change Locksmiths when you notice a lock isn’t working or is functioning incorrectly. Do not attempt to fix it yourself or wait until total breakdown before calling a locksmith. Being proactive with door lock security is the difference between a simple repair and costly replacement.

Locksmiths are trained engineers who get the job done quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to providing lasting security for you. Key Change Locksmiths handle all types of lockout emergencies you can imagine and are fully equipped to provide lock maintenance services in Brighton, East Sussex.

Lock Brands We Service

Call 24 X 7 Emergency Locksmith in Brighton  & Hove

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