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Lock Installation & Repair in Brighton, East Sussex

Lock Installation in Brighton

Key Change Locksmiths are experts and are able to fit locks onto doors, windows and update or repair existing locks. Key Change Locksmiths work with all the main lock brands, including Union, Yale, Ultion, Versa, ERA and many more. Our specialist locksmith will be able to help you out and help you find the best lock for your individual situation. Locksmithing takes mastery and skill.  If fixing a lock will make it less secure, our Locksmith will tell you and recommend replacing the whole lock. Fixing locks is what we do, and we’re good at that. We can fit locks on windows, garages and gates too. Locks are important for keeping you and your property safe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a door, window, gate or garage.


Key Change Locksmiths care about your safety and security and as such we endeavour to work with as little wear and tear as possible, preferring non destructive entry.

Our 24 X 7 Locksmith services include

Upgrading the Locks For Your Property

In the UK alone thousands of burglaries happen each and every week, and a lot of the entries are gained by breaking locks on a property’s front door. With the right tools, most locks can be broken in less than a minute, leaving your belongings out in the open. This is why we take extra care to make sure our locks give you the most security possible.


If you have standard locks on your property, these are defeated easily by burglars.  Key Change Locksmiths are experts in upgrading your locks to more secure alternatives such as Brisant Ultion and BS3612 Mortice Locks.


Key Change Locksmiths can implement these anti-snap or Ultion lock systems for your home. This will improve your security, and make it less easy to break in through your front or back door, and are a worthwhile investment for safety purposes.

Changing locks for a new property is paramount. Moving in, this should be the first thing you do. Over the space of a decade, a small family can have as many as 20 sets of keys with family, friends and neighbours.  These spare sets of keys are rarely recovered when moving home.  Do you want all of these people to have spare sets of keys to your home if you have just moved in?  Call Key Change Locksmiths to secure your new property.


Key Change Locksmiths can even offer keyed alike solutions meaning that you use one key for all the locks on your doors. This means that you have to carry less keys about your person.


Here at Key Change locksmiths, we can change, and install all different types of locks. This includes:


  • Night latches and rim cylinders
  • Yale locks, or night latches
  • Mortice locks – sash locks or deadlocks
  • Patio door locks
  • Garage door locks
  • UPVC door locks

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

Repairing Your Locks 

Wear and tear is natural with anything mechanical. It’s likely that over time your locks will start to break down. Luckily, Key Change Locksmiths know how to refurbish, repair and even service a wide range of locks.


At Key Change Locksmiths we can quickly and easily repair the following types of lock:


  • Aluminium door locks
  • Patio door locks
  • Mortice locks
  • Composites door locks
  • UPVC door locks
  • Rim locks and night latches
  • We can even repair your antique and vintage locks

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The Lock Fitting Service In Brighton

At Key Change Locksmiths we can source any brand or make of lock. We are specialists in our field and know all about how to secure your property, so we can advise you on what will suit you best.


Most insurance companies will require that you have a 5 lever British Standard Mortice Deadlock on wooden doors. uPVC or composite doors will require a multi-point locking system secured with a Euro Cylinder lock, such as a BS3621 lock or similar. Around 70% of our lock fitting comprises of this work.


Key Change Locksmiths  can also fit locks internally for your doors. If your house is shared, or you need to secure a room or office, we can install either digital or key operated locks, which may not necessarily have to be insurance approved.

Lock Brands We Service

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