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Lock Replacement in Brighton, East Sussex

Protect Your Home with High-Security Locks that Last

Looking to have a door lock replaced? Wondering if you need a new lock on your window? Keychange Locksmiths is a Brighton-based locksmith service that installs and replaces all types of door and window locks and keys. If the locks on your windows or door no longer work properly or they’ve become stiff, your home security is at risk. It’s easy for thieves to enter your property when lock and key security is poor. Your insurance company won’t pay out for a break in if they realise you put your home at risk by weak locks or lost keys.

Keychange Locksmiths visits your commercial or residential property in Brighton to determine whether you need a lock repair or lock replacement. Our locksmiths will help you get the right locksmithing solution. We’ll look to repair the lock before suggesting a new lock installation.

Our team of locksmiths provide hinge replacement, lock replacement and expert advice before lock installation to ensure you understand our process. We also cater to automobile owners who need a car lock replacement.

High-Quality Replacement Locks for Aluminium, Wooden and uPVC Doors and Windows

We serve residents and neighbourhoods around Brighton including Brighton Marina, Brighton Beach, University of Brighton, Coldean, Black Rock, Bevendean, Fiveways and Ovingdean. Whether you need a new set of locks installed, lock upgrade or change of locks, our expert Brighton locksmith specialists can help.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Door and Window Lock?

Lock and Key Wear and Tear

Rusted or worn locks make your home susceptible to a burglary attack. Old locks are easy to pick and break. They are also harder to open as they age. If you notice the lock has visible signs of wear, rust or tarnish, it’s time to replace your lock. You also need to change your door lock if it’s harder to open on cold nights. You could get locked out one night when it refuses to open.

Moving Into a New Home or Flat

Your door is the first line of defence against intruders. When you move into a new place, change the locks. You don’t know the previous tenants if they kept a copy of the key or could exploit loopholes in the current lock. Keys change hands so frequently, it’s hard to tell how many spare copies are floating around. Stay safe with new locks.

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

New Locks and Keys After A Break-in

Replace your door lock after a burglary or break-in. The force used to gain access compromises the integrity of the lock mechanics. A damaged lock makes you vulnerable to another robbery. The lock could malfunction at any time, leaving you outside in the cold. Assume your keys fell into the wrong hands after a break-in and replace old locks with new locks that feature anti-pick and anti-drill features.

New Locks and Keys After A Tenant or Roommate Leaves

Re-key or change your locks when you change tenants. You deserve peace of mind in your home. You won’t have peace when you’re wondering if your former tenant made a backup copy of the keys. Also, they won’t be suspect if a burglary attack happens.

Stolen or Lost Keys

Call Keychange Locksmiths when you’ve lost your keys or they were stolen. It’s important to change your locks when you’ve lost your keys. You don’t know where they ended up. Even when you get it back, change your locks. The individual could have made a copy of your keys without your permission.

Our trained locksmiths in Brighton recommend you change your locks every couple of years. Locksmith technology moves at a fast pace. Burglars are constantly looking for new ways to bypass the latest security engineering. Kechange local locksmiths help you make the best choice that protects your property.

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Considerations When Replacing Your Lock

Locks and Keys for the Type of Door and Window

The type of door or window you have determines the door lock. There is no one-fit lock for every purpose. Some locks are built for specific doors and windows. Residential homeowners have a wide range of door locks to choose from. They include deadbolts, handlesets, door levers and smart locks. They can be used for interior or exterior purpose.

For instance, installing a deadbolt lock on a glass door requires a double cylinder deadbolt. A door lever is ideal for interior doors because they are not as robust as deadbolts. The wrong lock makes it easy for criminals to break into your property.

Ease of Control and Access

Before installing a new system for your locks and keys, you need to know the required maintenance of the lock. Most systems are easy to maintain and control. SmartLock providers allow you to track key holders to ensure you have all of them on your phone and can disable access when you want to.

The Grade of the Lock

Based on BS EN 12209

Grade 1 locks: For low traffic areas. Locks installed in areas of minimal use such as your closet door.

Grade 2: Medium traffic such as the hallway door and bedroom door.

Grade 3: Areas of high traffic such as the front door, back door, patio door, shed door and garage door. They have the ability to withstand force.

Security of the Lock and Key System

Choose locks with more cylinder pins. They are harder to pick, drill or bump. Anti-drill cylinders provide a higher level of drill protection. Anti-bump cylinders are configured to prevent bumping and they work with all deadbolt. Anti-pick cylinder includes special lock pins to prevent lock picking.

Certification of the Locksmith

Keychange Locksmiths are certified members of the MLA. We offer professional security advice and fit locks correctly to prevent damage. Our lock security experts provide locks that meet insurance requirement to ensure you’re in breach of insurance stipulation.

Lock Brands We Service

Call 24 X 7 Emergency Locksmith in Brighton  & Hove

Lock Replacement FAQ'S

Is There a Charge for Emergency Locksmith Call Out?
No. Call out to Keychange Locksmiths in Brighton is free

Do You Need a Locksmith to Change or Replace Door and Window Lock?
As a non-professional, you do not know when you need a lock repair or lock replacement. You also risk damaging the entire door set or leaving your home vulnerable when you attempt to replace your door lock on your own. Keychange Locksmiths in Brighton have the skills to change or rekey your locks efficiently to improve the security of your home.
How Much Does It Cost to Replace Door and Window Locks?
Locks vary in price. The cost of the lock is usually determined by the lock material, security grade level, labour cost and the number of locks you need to be changed. Give us a call today to get a free no-obligation quote.

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