Did You Lose Your Keys? Key Change Locksmiths Can Help You Regain Access to Your Home Immediately

If you’ve lost your keys, don’t panic. Call Key Change Locksmiths.

We understand how frustrating it can be to lose one’s keys, the stress, the fear that someone may have stolen your keys/will try to access your home. It is natural to worry and second-guess yourself when locked out of your home, the best thing to do at this point is to relax and call a locksmith.

Key Change Locksmiths operate out of Brighton and Hove and are committed to delivering quality lock and key services every day and at any time. Whenever you have an emergency that needs a locksmith expert Key Change Locksmiths will be available to help resolve your locksmithing crisis.

Our 24 X 7 Locksmith services include

Keys Left Inside the House

Have you left your keys inside your property? Just closed the door behind you? Call Key Change Locksmiths.  In 95% of these situations, we are able to gain entry to your property without damaging the lock or door (non destuctive entry).

TIP: If you have left your keys inside your house and have locked yourself out, don’t stress.  Book Key Change Locksmiths to attend your property suitable to you e.g. when you finish work or are returning home from a day out.

Your Key Broke Inside the Lock

If your key has broke inside the lock, your key can sometimes still be repaired or keys replaced as the case may be. Depending on the type of key and the available piece of the broken key, it can be copied by our expert locksmiths and re-cut.

In a case like this, you won’t have to throw out your lock along with the broken key to get access to your home. Key Change Locksmiths can often replace the key.

Your Keys Were Stolen

Stolen keys necessitate a total upgrade of your security systems including lock and key. We’ll suggest a new lock mechanism and install it, providing you with new keys.

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

How Can Key Change Locksmiths Help if You Lose Your Keys?

Here’s why you should call us when you lose your keys:

Help You Regain Entry

If you have got home after a long day at work only to realise you have lost keys. The most important thing is to get access to your home without having to break down your door or smash a window. That’s when you should call a local locksmith.

Often times Key Change Locksmiths will gain entry with no damage.  This depends on the type of lock and if its fully engaged or not.  Call Key Change Locksmiths and ask if we can gain entry to your property.

Call us today to speak with an expert locksmith, or fill a Contact Form and request for a free quote!

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When do You Need to Change a Lock?

Key Change Locksmiths can recommend whether or not your lock needs replacing.  If for instance you are not sure who has keys to your home or lock, it is advisable to change the locks.

This includes moving into a new property or even when you have had works complete and given keys to workmen.

Last but not least, if your current locks do not meet insurance standards BS 3621 then you need to have new insurance policy compliant locks installed.  Key Change Locksmiths can complete this work at a reasonable rate.

High Standards of Quality

At Key Change Locksmiths, we pride ourselves in being one of the best locksmiths operating out of Brighton. We are also registered members of the Master Locksmith Association and also an elite member of the NGCL, which means you can rest assured that our services are amongst the best in the industry.

247 / Emergency Locksmith

We understand the importance and urgency associated with lock and key issues and that’s why we are always available to help. Call Key Change Locksmiths and we’ll meet you wherever you are in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas.

Fast and Convenient Services

Key Change Locksmiths pride ourselves being honest about our response times.  If we cannot be there within 30 minutes we will tell you, giving you the change to book another local Locksmith who can attend promptly.

Competitive Prices

Our premium services don’t come at cut-throat prices. While some lock repair services may add hidden extras, we only charge for the services and components we provide.

What  Other Services Key Change Locksmiths Offers?

When ycall Key Change Locksmiths, you are assured an industry leading service. These services may include the following depending on your specific needs:

Part of our service also includes advising our clients on home security best practices. We remain committed to ensuring our Brighton clients are as safe as possible in their homes.

Lock Brands We Service

Call 24 X 7 Emergency Locksmith in Brighton  & Hove

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