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Door Adjustment & Realignment in Brighton, East Sussex

Key Change Locksmiths specialise in uPVC, composite, sliding patio, and other types of door adjustment and realignment in Brighton. If you encounter problems with locking your door, contact us immediately.

If your door is dragging and you experience difficulty closing it, a realignment will possibly help to get the door closing again before any costly damage occurs to the gearboxes or locking mechanism.

Multi Point Locking systems on uPVC doors will fail to work if the door is mis-aslligned if bolts do not meet keeps.  If the door is rubbing against the frame.  In all of the above instance you need to get a Locksmiths to attend your property and perform remedial adjustments.

Our 24 X 7 Locksmith services include

Inspecting the door

If in the open position, your multi point locking mechanism throws correctly.  It indicates that your door is suffering from an allignment issue rather than a lock failure.

In this case you need a locksmith to attend and perform re-allignment of your door(s).  Key Change Locksmiths are experts in this field of Locksmithing.

Door Won’t Latch

If your door does not latch when you are closing it.  This again can indicate an allignment issue.  Leaving your door mis-alligned can impact on the working mechanism inside the door, the latch and lock.  Call Key Change Locksmiths before this problem escallates and impacts/breaks your internal latch and lock mechanisms.

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

Call us today to speak with an expert locksmith, or fill a Contact Form and request for a free quote!

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uPVC, Composite, and Sliding Patio Door Realignment Brighton

Your door won’t close or lock? If you have to apply force to the door handle to lock the door, your door is out of alignment and needs fixing.

Key Change Locksmiths in Brighton will realign your sticking, catching, or dragging door to get your locks and door to work properly again.

The natural life of a door includes it moving, doors can drop and when they do, they will become mis-alligned impacting your locking mechanism.  If the bolt doesn’t meet the keep, your door wont be locking correctly.

Who is eligible for our service?

Our services are available to you as long as you are located in Brighton. We cater to all types of homes, and commercial properties such as hotels, offices, factories, schools, and hospitals. We work 24/7, 365 days and can adapt to your specific timeframe and convenience.

Why Choose Keychange locksmiths?

At Keychange locksmiths, we combine friendly, customer focused service with years of experience in the Brighton area.

  • We guarantee rapid response: We’ll arrive at your door in less than 30 minutes of you contacting us.
  • We are approved by the Police: Our services have been approved by the police and all our master tradesmen routinely undergo background checks.
  • Best quality hardware: We use the best-approved quality, top-notch, and reliable materials at affordable, competitive prices to do your work ensuring that it lasts longer.

Lock Brands We Service

If you run into problems with your doors or locks contact us for the best service experience. We are just a call away.

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Pip Harris

My name is Pip Harris and I have been a locksmith since 2013. I am fully accredited local locksmith and member of the National Guild of Certified Locksmiths. I live in Hove and have easy transport access to most of Sussex.

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