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Door Adjustment & Realignment in Brighton, East Sussex

Keychange locksmiths specialize in uPVC, composite, sliding patio, and other types of door adjustment and realignment in Brighton. If you encounter problems with locking your door, contact us immediately.

If your door is dragging and you experience difficulty with closing it, a realignment will help to get it working again before any costly damage is done to the gearboxes or locking mechanism.

Multi check lock mechanisms fail often due to unaligned or dropped doors. This process happens with the door gradually moving out of position as a result of frequent general use, low-quality door hinges being used, or the door not being aligned properly from the onset. Often times when your door is sagging or dragging, an adjustment to the hinges will solve the problem.

Inspecting the door

The first step to being sure of the situation is to close the door and examine it from inside. An even gap should be visible in between the top and below the latch side. Between the door and the frame or jamb is where this gap occurs and is likely about eight inches and consistent.

The side of the door closer to the hinge will appear to be holding tightly with the frame of the door bottom. This happens as a result of most of the door’s weight pushing against this area.

The gap at the top will be uneven when this happens, and the strike side of the door appears wider, while the door’s top will be closer to the jamb/frame.

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Typical Problems that require door adjustment or realignment

Sagging Doors

Your door is sagging when it is tight against the top frame and leaves a gap at the bottom. It will be indicated in the latch side margin if the door is having a contact with the sill.

If the gap is more at the bottom and narrower at the top, your door is sagging. In this case, you need a door realignment done.

Most times when a door adjustment or realignment service is required, the problem is sagging. The door starts to sag over time as the weight of the door pulls against the door hinge. This situation is especially common when the length of the top hinge screws are not enough to go through the door frame.

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Top Hanging

This is a typical sagging door. This is often caused by regular use which results in the top hinges or several other hinges becoming loose. Tightening the screw on the top hinge will solve the problem on many occasions. In some cases, the screws can’t be tightened further as the holes have been stripped. In this situation, a 3” deck screw will be placed in the centre hole of the hinge. This screw will reach the stud next to the door after passing through the jamb and will be tightened enough to correctly lift the door to close properly.

Door Won’t Latch

In this case, your door won’t latch when closed and may require you to slam it or forcefully close it.

This results from a number of reasons. The door frame of the interior has shifted with the house. Examine the door bolt to see if it aligns with the striker hole on the jamb. If this is the situation, the striker will be adjusted by raising or lowering it so the bolt fits into it. Also, material causing the bolt to hang up will be removed.

The door is examined when held closed to check the gap between the small wood stop the door closes against. The three sides should be equal. If there is contact before the door latches usually at the top or bottom, the shoe will be carefully removed and repositioned while the door is latched.

The two fixes above will fix the problem if it is an entry door. However, a rare cause may be from a shifted, swollen, or wrongly replaced weatherstrip.

Door Binds Not Closing

Here in Brighton, older homes or new homes settling in may experience this when there is an extended period of climate change.

New squeaks in the floor or drywall cracks in corners may be associated with this problem. The support post or foundation of the home may have shifted so much that the doorway opening is deformed. As little as a half inch of movement can cause this.

In a situation where the deformation cannot be adjusted, the door will be planed or shaved to fit the new opening shape. Alternatively, the door and jamb can be removed and rehanged.

What Happens When you do not fix Your Sagging Door Promptly?

There will be problems with the deadbolt and locks if there is a delay in fixing sagging doors. The latches will also stop working correctly as the sagging increases.

uPVC, Composite, and Sliding Patio Door Realignment Brighton

Your door won’t close or lock? If you have to apply force to the door handle to lock the door, your door is out of alignment and needs fixing.

Keychange locksmiths in Brighton will realign your sticking, catching, dragging, or sagging door to get your locks and door to work properly again. Door sticking and catching at the bottom of the frame will result in draughts coming through the door seals. If you go on forcing the handle to lock the door, the gearbox will break, leaving you with a more expensive bill.

Who is eligible for our service?

Our services are available to you as long as you are located in Brighton. We cater to all types of homes, and commercial properties such as hotels, offices, factories, schools, and hospitals. We work 24/7, 365 days and can adapt to your specific timeframe and convenience.

Why Choose Keychange locksmiths?

At Keychange locksmiths, we combine friendly, customer focused service with years of experience in the Brighton area.

  • We guarantee rapid response: We’ll arrive at your door in less than 30 minutes of you contacting us.
  • We are approved by the Police: Our services have been approved by the police and all our master tradesmen routinely undergo background checks.
  • Best quality hardware: We use the best-approved quality, top-notch, and reliable materials at affordable, competitive prices to do your work ensuring that it lasts longer.

Lock Brands We Service

If you run into problems with your doors or locks contact us for the best service experience. We are just a call away.

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