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Locksmith Services in Brighton, East Sussex

Expert Locksmith Services

Your search for a reliable and professional locksmith service in Brighton is over. Key Change Locksmiths is your reliable solution when you are locked out of your home or car, had you key jammed in a lock, suffered a burglary, lost your keys, need key duplication, or want to upgrade your security system.

We specialise in residential and commercial locksmith services. We are accredited and certified by leading industry associations and Locksmithing bodies. We are available round the clock, always ready and willing to help with locksmith emergencies, no matter the lock, key, door, security system or auto emergency. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe and secure in your property. Our master locksmith is not just highly skilled with locks and security, but also uses non-destructive methods where possible.

Areas we cover include Brighton & Hove, Ringmer, Southwick, Henfield, Rodmell, Peacehaven, and Hassocks. Others are Telscombe Cliffs, Portslade, Ditchling, Ovingdean, Poynings, Steyning, Shoreham, Hurstpierpoint, Falmer, Barcombe, Glynde, Lewes, and Cooksbridge.

Our 24 X 7 Locksmith services include

Our Domestic & Commercial Locksmith Services

Whether you need domestic or commercial services, our vast array of professional and affordable locksmith services have you covered. Below is the range of security options we offer:

Professional handyman fixing window handle at home.

Emergency Locksmith

You never know when you will misplace your keys or locked out of your home – no one usually does – and it could happen during business hours or late at night. Regardless of the time of day you get locked out of your home, you can call us, and our team of expert locksmiths will show up at your doorstep to get you back into your home, thanks to our 24/7 emergency locksmith service. And the good news is that we are located near you in Brighton and will arrive on site within 10 – 15 minutes where possible!

Our emergency locksmith service is extensive, so it doesn’t matter if it’s your house or office, we can gain access to any property, replace any type of key, open any type of door or lock, repair any damaged lock, open any type of vehicle, re-secure any building after a burglary incident.

Door and Windows Installation, Repairs & Replacements

Do you need to install new doors and windows in your property anywhere in Brighton? Do you want to repair or simply replace your faulty doors and windows? You can count on us to meet your special needs.

Our team of professional installers are fully trained and certified to install doors and windows of all types such as double glazed windows, uPVC, and composite doors. Your home deserves the best, call on us to today to add beauty and value to your home.

Call us today to speak with an expert locksmith, or fill out a contact form and request for a free quote!

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New Locks & Keys

Security wise, it is best practice to replace your lock and keys periodically to prevent break-ins before they happen.

And if you just moved to a new apartment or fired an employee with access to your keys, changing your locks with new ones is a must to ensure your security, safety, and peace of mind. That’s where we come in – we can help you install highly-secure locks, fast and easy.

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

Lock Upgrades

Want to upgrade your locks to add extra security to your property? Good move.

Our security expert will visit your home or office to hear your unique needs, show you lock options based on what your property needs, and offer a wealth of security advice – all to help you take your home security to a whole new level of security and convenience. All our lock upgrade options are British standard, insurance-rated, and guaranteed to add extra security.

Lock Outs

Are you locked out of your home, office, or car? It’s normal to feel helpless, but you shouldn’t be because Key Change Locksmiths is here to help you regain access to your home, car, or office.

Call our team of professional locksmiths today and experience our rapid emergency response first-hand.Our experienced locksmiths are available round the clock, any day of the week, during holidays, and in any weather condition.

Burglary Repairs

Our burglary repair service makes your home safe and secure again after a break-in. We can repair any damage caused to your doors, frames, and locks quickly and reliably. Our locksmiths are trained to work with every type of door and window including timber, glass, steel, and uPVC.

As part of our service, one of our professional locksmiths will advise you and give you recommendations to help make your home or office burglar-proof. And because we understand that any burglary incident is always an emergency and needs urgent repairs, we have made our burglary repairs service available 24/7. So, feel free to contact us anytime and we will show up at your doorstep exactly when you need us.

masked burglar with crowbar breaking and entering into a victim's home - shot with dramatic motion

Security Upgrades

We offer upgrades to your existing security system to make your residential or commercial property as secure as possible. Security upgrades can include reinforcing your front door, upgrading your locks, installing an anti-snap lock, integrating a Sash Lock to wooden windows, and more.

We base our security upgrade on the latest advancement in home and office security technology, ensuring that you are always one step ahead of thieves and burglars.

Why Choose Key Change Locksmiths?

There are many locksmiths in Brighton & Hove and neighbouring towns, why should you choose us to meet your security needs? Below are the reasons people gave for choosing our locksmith services out of the many available in Brighton.

Professional Expertise

Our locksmith is an expert who has years of experience in the industry across different lock types and security systems.

And we ensure all our locksmith undergo continuous training to remain relevant and be up-to-date with advancements and innovations in the field of security. You can rely on us to duplicate your keys, repair all types of locks, install new locks, and install doors and windows to keep you safe and secure.

Fast Reliable Response

Key Change Locksmiths boast of the fastest response time in Brighton & Hove in emergency situations. Our aim is always to get to you in 15 minutes or less to help you fix any security concern you may have.

No Call Out Charge

Our cost is fixed and includes no additional charges for coming to your house or vehicle. Our pricing is fair and affordable.

FREE Quotes

Need an estimate of what it will cost to address your security concerns and you are wondering if we charge to inspect your facility and give you a quotation. No, we don’t. Our quotation is free and well presented.

Competitive Local Rates

We offer one of the most affordable locksmith services in Brighton & Hove and surrounding towns for the quality of service we render. You can expect to save money when you use any of our services.

Accredited by Trade Bodies

As a professional firm, we are registered with various trade and professional bodies. These trade organisations have vetted and listed us as trustworthy professionals to do business with.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Imagine that it is raining and you arrive home from work late in the night only to discover that your keys are nowhere to be found and you have no spare key anywhere.

You cannot afford to wait for hours outside, that’s why we offer emergency locksmith services. Our emergency locksmith services offer round-the-clock locksmith solutions, meaning you can hire us anytime, even in the middle of the night.

Customer Care

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

All our locksmiths are friendly, courteous, and accommodating. We respond promptly and always seek to understand your security needs before we carry out any service.


We use high-quality materials, high-precision tools, and proven techniques to complete our jobs. So, it’s unlikely that the work we did becomes faulty. But in the rare event that problems arise from the services we render, you can contact us to come and redo them at no extra charge.

Officially, we offer 12 months warranty on all materials we supply and for our work.

Locksmiths Regulatory Standards

Key Change Locksmiths was founded on the principles of professionalism and excellence. As a result, we have registered and complied with leading British and international standards in occupational health and safety.

Call 24 X 7 Emergency Locksmith in Brighton & Hove

CHAS Accredited

Our CHAS accreditation shows that we meet the health and safety standards required in our field.

British Standard Accredited

We are fully accredited by British Standards, meaning that we are trusted and recognized as an excellent organization that adheres to stipulated standards and quality in our work processes.

Burglary Prevention Advice

Burglary can be prevented if you put the necessary mechanisms in place to deter burglars. Below are powerful tips to help you make your house the last place thieves will consider breaking into.

  • Create the impression that you and your family are at home by living the lights and TV on. In addition, you can acquire an audio CD with pre-recorded interior house sounds that play for 24 hours, creating the impression that you and your guests are at home.
  • Lock your doors and windows when leaving your house and before going to bed at night.
  • Use strong heavy doors in the front of your house and at the back. Burglars usually want to spend a minute or two to break in, when they encounter a difficult obstacle, they often back off.
  • Keep your private life private by avoiding posting pictures of your getaway or holiday on social media. When you tell the world on social media that you’re away, you’re practically telling burglars that your house is open for robbery.
  • Consider installing burglar alarms – burglars are always wary of sounds and will run away when sounds start to blare.

Remember, it is better and cheaper to prevent a burglary than to restore your property back to what it was.

The Importance of Lock Maintenance and Security Upgrades

In any mechanical system such as locks, periodic maintenance helps to ensure that the system is working optimally as it should. Several factors such as weather, continuous use, and age affect the performance of your locks and security systems. Because of these performance-limiting factors, you need to carry out maintenance on your locks and upgrade your security periodically.

Many people take the maintenance and upgrade of their home security facilities for granted until their key get jammed and they are locked out, or their home gets robbed, don’t be one of such people. If you need a competent locksmith to maintain your locks periodically and upgrade your security to make your home more secure and prevent break-ins, get in touch with Key Change Locksmiths.

Lock Brands We Service

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