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Multipoint Door Handles Installation in Brighton, East Sussex

Keychange Locksmiths offer a full range of professional locksmith services in Brighton. Our services include emergency entry, key-cutting, lock replacement, security upgrades, and access control installation.

We are experts in uPVC and wooden doors and we run various lock upgrades and installation on all kinds of doors. We install multipoint door locks and handles on selected doors in your Brighton home. These multipoint door locking systems provide optimum security against lock picking and break-ins. For better security and to have these multi-point locks fitted on your doors, contact us and request a free locksmithing quote.

What Is a Multipoint Locking System?

Multipoint locking systems are common locks found on most uPVC doors and used in garage/patio doors for enhanced protection. Most Multipoint door locks have a 3-point locking system. This is made up of hooks or rollers at the top and bottom and a latch at the centre of the lock. The lock sits inside a gearbox and the entire locking mechanism is fitted inside the door.

Multipoint locks vary in design and are the hardest type of locks to replace. The also get worn out easily but ought to be replaced when old. The kind of multipoint lock to use depends on the door and the use. Some multipoint locks are operated by just the handle while some others require a handle and a key to operate. The standard for testing and certifying multipoint door locks is the PAS 3621:2011 Multipoint locking assemblies.

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Multipoint Door Locking Mechanism

The multipoint door lock provides better security than most other locks. The lock system functions on several points and not just the lock or cylinder. The lock contains extra hooks which are operated by a turn of the door handle and locked in place when the key is turned.  Some doors also have additional bolts that are added at the top and bottom of the door frame. These extra hooks and bolts make up the multi-points of the lock

Solid and Split Spindle Operations

In a multi-point door locking system that works with the solid spindle operation, the door handle fully opens the door from outside without a key. This is possible when the multipoint lock is not engaged. In the split spindle operation, the handle is not able to turn the latch from outside. Once a person leaves the room and closes the door, a key will be required to open the door even without engaging the multipoint lock.

While the solid spindle may seem convenient especially in cases of emergency, the split spindle operation provides better security. Doors to rooms or houses with a majority of elderly individuals are better fitted with multipoint split spindle locks. The room gains an extra layer of security which is useful in cases of occasional forgetfulness.

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How to Install the Multipoint Door Lock

The multipoint door lock is one of the most complex locks and hence requires expertise in installing or changing. It is always better to hire a professional locksmith for your multipoint door lock installation. When fitted correctly, they provide optimum security for your Brighton home. Here are steps to take for proper multipoint door lock installation.

  • Hold the door open and remove the long-threaded screws at the face edge of the door. The short screws hold the lock cases firm onto the multi-point mechanism. Remove the long screw (cylinder screw) which holds the euro cylinder in the door.
  • Remove the door handles by un-screwing the long bolt from the inside. Remove the cylinder from the multi-point door lock.
  • Carefully remove the multipoint door lock, starting from the top, easing the strip, and working your way to the bottom strip.
  • Take out the new multi-point door lock from its box and lineup the lock cases so it matches the old door lock. Mark the position on the new lock where the strip meets the old one using pen or pencil.
  • Cut along the pencil/pen lines using a hacksaw and discard the excess metal. Place the new door lock in the door and make sure it fits. Replace the cylinder, the spindle, and both the handles into the multipoint lock case. Re-fit all the screws including the handle fixings and the cylinder screw along the face edge of the door.
  • Close the door gently with the handles pressed down and the multipoint door lock unlocked to retract all the bolts. This is done to get all the bolts and rollers lining up perfectly.
  • Remove all the strike plates from the door leaving only the middle one that holds the deadbolt and the latch. You should hear a click when you close the door, as the latch is adjusting itself properly. Everything is working perfectly if you can easily lift the handle and turn the key.
  • Carefully replace the strike plates one at a time and test the door handle/key after fitting each one to ensure the door is working properly.

Once you have fitted all the strike plates back into the door correctly, you should be able to close your door, lift the handle easily, and lock the door easily by turning the key.

Professional Multipoint Door Lock Installation Services in Brighton

Keychange Locksmiths run a professional and expert multipoint door lock installation services in Brighton. We conduct a survey on your Brighton home/office in order to provide the best multipoint door lock for the doors. We help you bypass the complex procedure by installing your choice of multipoint door locks. For an expert multipoint door installation service in Brighton, contact us and request a free quote.

Why Choose Us

Keychange Locksmiths is a leading locksmith agency in Brighton with fully accredited engineers and locksmiths. We are experts in uPVC and wooden doors with nearly 10 years of professional experience in the locksmithing industry.

We offer our professional expertise, fast and reliable response, and top-quality security locks. Our charges are placed at competitive local rates. We also maintain a 24/7 helpline in order to provide immediate emergency response and offer security advice when needed. Your security, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priority.

Lock Brands We Service

For your professional locksmith services in Brighton, call us today for a free site survey and to request a free quote.

Multipoint Door Handles Installation FAQ’s

What is a split spindle door handle?
A split spindle door handle requires a key in order to operate the handle from outside. The mechanism is as opposed to the solid spindle in which the handle opens the door from outside without a key.
What is a 3-point multi-locking system?
In a three-point locking system, the locking mechanism is made up of two bolts or hooks at the top and bottom and the central latch/lock.

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