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Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all transactions between Customer and Keychange Locksmiths are subject to and governed by the terms below.


  1. Company means Keychange Locksmiths.
  2. Customer means a person, company, or any entity emerging from merger or acquisition buying the Goods as stated in the invoice or order.
  3. Goods means all products and services supplied and rendered to Customer as requested by the Customer.  Where appropriate contextually, the terms “Goods” and “Services” may be used interchangeably.
  4. Party means Customer and Company and where “Parties” is used, it means the same thing as Party.


  1. When Customer places an order for Goods and Services, it is taken that the Customer has accepted to be bound by these terms.
  2. Keychange Locksmiths reserves the right to amend these terms from time to time at its discretion and the continuous use of the Company’ Services or purchase of Goods will be construed as Customer’s acceptance of any amendment to these terms.


  1. The price of Goods and Services shall be as specified in the invoice to Customer at the sole discretion of Keychange Locksmiths.
  2. The quoted price shall be valid for the duration indicated in the quotation.
  3. Keychange Locksmiths reserves the right to change the price if there is a change in the plan of work scheduled to be carried out or change in specifications due to, but not limited to, hidden difficulties on site. Charges shall be made as a result of the additional work and will show up in the invoice as variations.
  4. Upon completion of work, all variations must be paid in full.
  5. Company may, at its sole discretion, require a deposit before any work can be carried out.
  6. Keychange Locksmiths is entitled to make price adjustments or reject orders after 7 days if it is unable to fulfil the order due to changes in market conditions or products availability.
  7. Company charges will not include a call out fee that is separate from charges for the labour and Goods supplied to Customer.

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  1. Keychange Locksmiths will determine the date(s) of payment for the Goods and Services rendered to Customer.
  2. Payments may be made through cheque, cash, wire transfer, or credit card, or by any other method agreed by Keychange Locksmiths and the Customer. However, Keychange Locksmiths is entitled to refuse any credit card company whose fees are judged to be too high for the Company to bear.
  3. Unless agreed formally in a written application for credit, all Goods and Services must be paid for in full on completion of the job.
  4. Customer shall make a 50 per cent deposit of the sale value for Goods not normally held in Company’s stock ordered on behalf of the Customer.
  5. Company reserves the right to withhold Goods or Services until overdue payments have been made in full.
  6. If Customer does not make payment in accordance with these terms, Keychange Locksmiths reserves the right to claim interest for late payment and compensation for debt recovery costs.

Delivery of Goods

  1. Once Goods ordered and paid for by the Customer are ready, Keychange Locksmiths will make every reasonable effort to send the Goods as soon as possible, usually on the same day. However, Keychange Locksmiths cannot guarantee Goods will be sent the same day Customer ordered for them.
  2. Estimates of delivery given to Customer should be construed as a guide. The company will make reasonable efforts to make sure Goods are delivered within the timeframe indicated. But in the event that Goods are not delivered within the time estimated, Keychange Locksmiths cannot be held liable.
  3. Customer agrees to furnish Keychange Locksmiths with a correct delivery address. Keychange Locksmiths cannot be held liable for Goods delivered by any delivery service to a wrong address provided by the Customer.
  4. If for any reason a Customer asks Keychange Locksmiths to delay or withhold the delivery of Goods ordered by Customer, the Company reserves the right to invoice Customer for the Goods at the original delivery date agreed, which will also serve as the commencement of the warranty period.


1. Keychange Locksmiths warrants for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery of Goods and Services that:

  • The Goods shall conform to all specification as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • The Goods shall be free from any defect that may prevent the Goods from working optimally
  • The Goods shall be of acceptable quality.
  • The Goods shall serve the purpose we say the Goods will serve.
  • The Goods shall comply with all statutory and regulatory standard governing the sale of the Goods in the UK.
  • The Services shall be rendered with reasonable skill and attention.

2. The above warranties do not apply if defects in the Goods are caused by any of the following: wear and tear, accident, deliberate damage, Customer or third-party negligence, improper use of the Goods, Customer failure to follow Company’s instructions, or repairs carried out by Customer without the written consent of Keychange Locksmiths.

Returns and Refunds

  1. To qualify for any refund, Goods must not be used, damaged, and they must be in the original package they were when they were delivered to Customer.
  2. If for any reason Customer cancels or refuse to accept the Goods delivered after they have been sent, Keychange Locksmiths will issue a refund after the Goods have been returned for the original purchase less the cost of delivery.
  3. Custom Goods such as keys made as a replacement for particular locks are not refundable.

Force Majeure

  1. Keychange Locksmiths shall not be held responsible for any delay in Goods or Service delivery caused Force Majeure including but not limited to war, an act of God, an act of terror, power outage, or other causes that are beyond the control of Keychange Locksmiths.


  1. The Customer agrees to obtain permission in advance for Keychange Locksmiths to gain access to the property where the Service is to be carried out and discharge its duties where appropriate within the premises.
  2. The Customer shall indemnify Keychange Locksmiths against any claims of any nature made by third parties due to the presence of Keychange Locksmiths on their property except where such claims arise from the negligence of Keychange Locksmiths.


  1. Keychange Locksmiths reserves the right to amend these terms at any time without prior notification to Customer.
  2. Any amendments to these terms will become effective when published on the Company’s website unless otherwise provided.


  1. These terms shall be governed according to the laws of England.

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