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Lock Installation in Brighton, East Sussex

Expert Lock Installation Services in Brighton

Key Change Locksmiths offer 24-hour professional lock installation services in Brighton, Hove and most of East Sussex. Our lock installation services in Brighton rekeying, new locks and keys, lock upgrades and Emergecy Locksmith services. All Key Change locks and security products can be certified British Standard BS3621. If you hove moved home recently and need new keys or a new lock installation for your doors and windows, contact Key Change Locksmiths today for a free lock installation quote and any other Locksmithing needs.

Our 24 X 7 Locksmith services include

Types of Locks We Install/Repair/Replace in Brighton

Key Change Locksmiths can install all kinds of new lock and key systems for your Brighton, Hove and East Sussex property. While we provide and install your exact choice of locks, we also offer professional recommendations on the right locks and keys for certain doors and windows. Some types of locks we install include;

  • UPVC Mechanisms and Handles
  • Euro, Oval, Scandinavian and Screw-in cylinders
  • Mortice Deadlocks
  • Smart Locks and Digital Locks
  • Garage Door Locks, Lettbox Locks and Handles
  • Nightlatches and Bolts
  • Padlocks
  • Cabinets and Furniture Locks
  • Bathroom and Internal Locks

Door Locks

These types of door locks are commonly installed in the UK including:

Mortice Door Locks

The mortice door lock has two significant types. The Mortice Sash Lock comes with a handle, while the Mortice Deadlock is always operated by a key and does not have a handle. The Mortice lock is fitted inside a mortice that is cut into a wooden door and door frame. A bolt in the lock extends out and locks into the lock keep when the key is turned. Mortice locks are commonly found on doors made out of timber or aluminium and can be made to meet British Standard BS3621.


A nightlatch is mounted on the surface of the door and holds the door shut using a latch type lock and can be easily set into a deadlock position. The nightlatch is sometimes referred to as the Yale Type lock because its leading manufacturer is Yale. The nightlatch is only used as a form of security enhancement and not as a main lock.

Our Guarantee

  • Local Certified Locksmith Service
  • Clear and correct timeframes
  • Direct contact with locksmith
  • Discounts for OAP’s, NHS and Students
  • Non-destructive entry
  • Parts guaranteed for a year

Euro-Lock Cylinders

The Euro-lock is the most popular type of lock and found on different types of doors such as uPVC, timber multipoint door locks, and aluminium doors. The most secure Euro lock cylinder standards are the BS3621 Diamond and the TS 007 3 star. Euro lock door cylinders are easily keyed alike which makes it possible to open numerous door locks using one key.

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Window Locks

Common window locks used in UK are grouped according to the type of windows they are meant for.

UPVC Window Locks

uPVC windows are one of the most popular in the UK. They provide better protection against burglary and the weather. Common lock/handle variants used for uPVC windows include the Espags handles, Cockspur handles, tilt and turn handles, and Cadenza handles.

Double-Glazed Window Locks

Double-glazed windows consist of two or three layers of glass and an inert gas between them for better insulation. They are used in rooms or houses which require better heat or acoustic insulation. Locks that can be installed on double-glazed windows include Espags and Cockspur lock handles.

Wooden Window Locks

Locks for wooden windows depend on the type. Casement or fanlight windows require proper casement handles that come with locking stays for better security. Pivot locks are also good for fanlight windows. Sash windows require proper sash locks/bolts for better security.

Sash Window Locks

Sash windows are made up of two sliding panels or sashes that hold the window glass panes. Ordinary sash windows are secured by a single mechanism known as the fitch fastener which can easily be overcome by burglars. Insurers require extra fittings such as sash bolts or sash jammers to provide an extra layer of security.

British Standard Locks BS3621

The British Standard BS3621 is used to provide a lock standard for insurance policies in the UK. British Standard locks have the BSI Kitemark imprinted on the faceplate of the lock. Locks such as cylinder rim locks and mortice locks are sometimes required to meet British Standard BS3621.

Why Choose Key Change Locksmiths

Key Change Locksmiths is a leading locksmith in Brighton, East Sussex. Our Locksmith is fully accredited by the NGCL and is a registered member of the MLA. We are lock installation and replacement experts with top-quality products and nearly 10 years of professional experience in the locksmithing industry.

Quality Locks and Professional Locksmithing Expertise

Key Change Locksmiths has been offering professional lock installation services in Brighton for nearly a decade.  Our locksmith is trained to respond quickly and professionally, offering top-quality lock installation services in a friendly and competent manner.

Competitive Locksmith Rates

Our locks and services are affordable and placed at local competitive rates. There are no hidden or extra charges. When you call us and request for our lock installation service, we send an expert locksmith to your location in Brighton with no separate call-out charge.

Fully Accredited by Trade Bodies

Key Change Locksmiths is a registered member of  professional trade bodies such as the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) and Nation Guide of Certified Locksmiths (NGCL).

Request a Quote

At Key Change Locksmiths, we only fix quality locks that provide optimum security. We also offer one of the cost efficent lock installation services in Brighton and Hove. If you recently moved into a new home and need a new lock installation, call Key Change Locksmiths today and request a free quote.

Lock Brands We Service

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