Are you looking for the most competitive locksmith prices in Brighton? Do you need the services of an emergency locksmith but you’re unsure about how much it will cost? Keychange Locksmiths offers an affordable locksmith service.

It is hard to assess how much it will cost you to get your house/door opened, as it will depend on a number of factors; how you are locked out of your house i.e keys locked inside or key snapped in the door. What type of door you have can affect the price, or if the lock is damaged and needs repairing or even replacing if it cannot be fixed. If your lock is broken to gain entry then you will have to spend money on getting a new lock and having it installed.

  • This is based on emergency calls and is a guild line.
  • We have no call out fee, our labour rate is based on time of callout
  • Parts are not included prices.

We are a full-service locksmith company. Keychange Locksmiths Brighton caters to your commercial, residential and local needs. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our experts can handle all your locksmith needs from re-keying, unlocking, changing locks on your door, garage doors, window locks, upvc windows, upvc doors and shed doors.

We provide a fast and efficient service that allows us to respond to any emergency or non-emergency call in Brighton within 60 minutes. The lock we provide for you features the latest security technology.

  • Gain entry (No replacement lock required) – £65-£110
  • Remove a broken key without replacing the cylinder £65-£110
  • uPVC doors and windows not closing/locking £65-£110
  • Lost keys – open one standard mortice lock and one standard rim lock £65-£110
  • Fix Broken Locks (where possibale) £65-£110

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a locksmith?

Factors affecting the price of locksmith services include

The Type of Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith

Keychange Locksmiths offers residential locksmith services to homeowners and residents of Brighton. Call us when you break a key in your door lock, the door refused to open from the inside, you’ve locked yourself out or your home security was compromised.

When you move into a new property, it’s crucial that you change the locks. This includes the windows, back door, front door, shed door, garage door and gate locks. The cost depends on the number of doors/windows and the type of lock you choose.

Commercial  Locksmith

Our commercial locksmith deals with commercial grade locks and businesses. Our Locksmith installs and repairs commercial grade locks and create secured access for staff including specialist door locks, smart/digital locks and more.

Parts Needed for the Job

Not all locksmith jobs require a new part to complete. In some cases, a damaged lock could be repaired while in others the entire lock system has to be replaced.

Emergency Locksmith Callout Cost

It’s difficult to give a precise price point for emergency locksmith services because each call is unique. The total cost depends on the type of lock, the nature of the emergency, the specific location where the locks are fixed or replaced and the time taken to resolve the problem. We might provide an estimate on the phone but until we’re in front of the door, we can’t assume what the real cost of emergency callout is. The average cost of an emergency locksmith is around £90 for parts and labour.

Lock Brands We Service

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My name is Pip Harris and I have been a locksmith since 2013. I am fully accredited local locksmith and member of the National Guild of Certified Locksmiths. I live in Hove and have easy transport access to most of Sussex.

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