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Over the years, residents of Brighton & Hove have come to count on us to help them gain entry into their properties after a lock out. And many trust us to provide crucial security advice.

You can also count on us to deliver the exceptional local locksmith emergency services. Below are compelling reasons why you should choose our locksmithing service.

We Are Available 24/7

We understand that broken locks, misplacement of keys, and burglary events always happen when you don’t expect them and they are often emergency situations, that’s why we offer our locksmith services round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you need us during holiday periods or in the middle of the night, we will show up promptly.

We Respond Within Minutes!

You can count on our team of expert locksmiths to arrive at your doorstep or any site in 10 – 15 minutes!

Our strategic location in Brighton and local knowledge of the areas within makes our rapid response time possible. So, if you don’t want to wait for too long, call on Keychange Locksmiths today.

Our promise is simple: if we don’t gain entry, you don’t pay. The cost of coming and inspecting the situation is on us.

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We Unlock Every Type of Door or Lock

Our master locksmiths can fix any issue with smart locks, Yale locks, euro cylinder locks, night latches, mortise locks, deadbolts, uPVC doors, wooden doors, you name it. We have the experience and expertise to work on every type of residential doors.

We Use Non-Destructive Entry Methods

Our engineers have the appropriate level of training, expertise, and specialized tools to get you back into your home adopting a non-destructive entry so that your door or lock is left intact and undamaged – this saves cost and additional charges.

We Keep the Job Clean

Admittedly, there are some lock out situations that the best and only solution is to force the lock, which will damage the lock, especially if the lock is old or highly secure.

However, we will ensure that by the time we leave, your door will look better than we found it – we don’t leave any mess behind. And know this: we will try the Non-Destructive Entry method first.

We Use the Latest Locksmith Tools and Techniques

We know how critical it is when you’re locked out, locked in, or have your security breached. That’s why we have acquired leading high-tech locksmith tools to facilitate a quick resolution. And we use a combination of modern and traditional techniques where appropriate to unlock doors.

And we stay at the forefront of security systems engineering, affording us to stay up to date with developments in the industry, discover next-level tools, and gather more experience.

We Get the Job Done in One Visit

As a matter of policy, we ensure we get the job done right the first time by showing up on site not just with our high-precision tools, but all the locksmith tools we will need to carry out the job and prepare for any eventuality. And we use the latest technology and methods to ensure we don’t have to come back the second time, saving you the time, stress, and cost usually associated with emergency incidents.

We Offer 12-Month Warranty

Though it is rare for the repairs and installation we carry out on doors and locks to develop a fault or issue, we still put your mind at rest by offering you a long 12-month warranty on all the parts we supplied and the work we carry out. That means you can call on us at any time within a year and we will solve whatever problem at no extra cost.

We Make Payment Easy for You

How you will pay to get your door unlocked or repaired should be the least of your worries when you are in such situation, that’s why we have made several payment options available for you: pay with your credit/debit card, do a bank transfer, or simply pay with cash.

We Are Honest With Our Clients

Unlike some unscrupulous locksmiths out there who will deliberately create more work for themselves to increase the cost of their service, we are always upfront with our clients. We will never surcharge or overcharge you and we will always try a more affordable approach before attempting a technique that will cost you more.

We Make it Personal

When we work on your property, you can expect personalised and friendly service. Before we fire up any tool, we discuss with you to understand your unique needs and situation, then proffer the best and lasting solution to make you happy.

We Offer Free Security Advice

We don’t just fix your doors and locks and walk away with your payment in our pocket, we give you professional advice to help you prevent any door breach or key malfunction or misplacement from happening again. And we do so at no extra charge.

We Offer Extensive Security Solutions

Whatever your security situation is, we have you covered by our full-service locksmith and security solutions.

We offer the following basic and advanced security solutions: domestic & commercial locksmith, emergency locksmith, door and windows installation, repairs & replacements, new locks & keys, lock upgrades, lock out intervention, burglary repairs, and access control installation.

Call On Us Today for Your Security Needs

Locked out of your property? Call on Brighton’s most trusted locksmiths. Was your home burgled in the middle of the night? We are just a call away, no matter what the time or day of the week.

Looking for a local locksmith in an emergency? We are just a few blocks away. Call us and we will come to your rescue within minutes and won’t charge you for calling out.

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