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Pet Sitters & your malfunctioning locks

Pet Sitters & your malfunctioning locks

It’s been a while since my last blog entry, but this issue is something we come across a lot during the holiday season. So, here goes…

Picture the scene – You’re on your holidays, sitting on a beautiful sandy beach & basking in a Mediterranean sun. When your pet sitter calls you to say they’re locked out as the key/lock failed. What do you do? Do you attempt to talk your sitter through the eccentricities of your lock, which will make zero sense to anyone except yourself? Do you get them to call out and pay for a locksmith? What if your sitter doesn’t have access to the funds to pay for the locksmith?

What we at Key Change Locksmiths would recommend, is to get that malfunctioning lock/door looked at by a competent locksmith. We can pretty much guarantee that if your lock is needing more and more force to make it engage, then that added pressure will impact on the other moving parts of your locking system. It can get very expensive, very quickly, if your mech fails ~ which is quite common in these scenario’s!


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