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uPVC Doors & windows

uPVC Doors & windows

Good Afternoon, guy’s!

I want to talk (type) to you about your uPVC doors and windows. From time-to-time they’ll need adjusting and maintenance. If you’re finding it’s getting more & more difficult to close/lock your uPVC’s, then it really is time to get your local locksmith out.

If you ignore the warning signs that your uPVC door or window is in need of some TLC, then it can definitely compound the problem. The extra strain placed on the other components will eventually mean that the mechanisms fail completely making the price tag much higher to fix it.

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My name is Pip Harris and I have been a locksmith for five years. I trained as a locksmith because I've been interested in locks as far back as I remember, and as a child I was always playing with the key on the sardine cans!

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