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Door Bolts & Bars Installation in Brighton, East Sussex

Doors Bolts Bars Installation

Keychange locksmiths are lock experts located in the Brighton area. so long as you reside in Brighton, you are eligible for our services and we are available to work on your job.

We offer a range of services including window and door lock repair and installation, key holding service, bolts and bars installation, door adjustment and realignment, and other services that elevate your home security.

Door Bolts and Bars

Bolts and bars are small easy additions to any door and are very efficient in improving your home’s security.

Types of Door Bolts and Bars

Each type of door bolt is unique to particular doors as you will see below.

  • Straight Bolt: This is the most common type of bolt used for locking household doors.
  • Tower Bolt: Often these types of bolts are used on household doors and sheds, and are well known as secure locks.
  • Rola Renown: This type of bolt is best suited for french doors.
  • Crompton Monkey Tail Bolt: This type is commonly used for gates but can also be used for doors.
  • Multipurpose Door Bolt: Due to its long bolt throw, this type is best suited for patio doors, but can also work with all door types.
  • Birmingham Bar: When attached to an outward opening door, this bar prevents jemmy and chisel attacks, and also prevents a door from being kicked inwards.

Choosing the Right Bolt and Bars

Every homeowner wants to enjoy the peace of mind in having the absolute best lock to provide them with comfort and safety. Considering the fact that front doors can be bypassed in many ways, the bolts and bars used in the locks should be carefully attended to by homeowners.

The same basic features are in almost all door locks. An extended bolt from the lock that fits into the strike which is located on the door’s frame. Similar to the way a door’s material and build determines its strength, the components of a bolt determines its strength. There are two main types of bolts that are used by locksmiths and homeowners for exterior doors. The deadbolt, and latch bolt.

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These are bolts that are not bevelled or spring-loaded. Bolts that are extended and retract upon engagement of the doorknob, lever, or handle, due to a spring contraction mechanism are known as spring-loaded bolts.

Spring-loaded bolts leverage on the bevelled surface of the bolt to function. Deadbolts do not possess these features. A key or thumb-turn is required to manually extend or retract a deadbolt for the homeowner to open or close the lock.

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Latch Bolts

These are bolts that are bevelled and spring loaded. The bolt is constantly extended with the help of the spring and only retracts when force is applied in trying to turn the door handle. Within the strike plate, most deadbolts will extend between ¾” to 1” while the extension mechanism for latch bolts within the strike plate is between ¼” to ½”.

Deadbolts reach more depth into the strike and this requires more force and resistance to pry it free from the strike. A Grade 1 approved lock should be the choice of homeowners that are conscious of their safety. This simply implies that the lock should have undergone a series of practical tests and confirmed as one of the strongest locks available in the market.

In addition to having a strong lock, homeowners should choose locks that allow them full control and enables them to keep track of the copies of keys to their home. Key control helps reduce the risk when faced with negative and threatening situations and the possibility of duplicate copies of your key being in the hands of someone else. This increases the overall security of your home.

Additional lock security features are also beneficial to homeowners, and this can be installed alongside the lock.

Almost every lockset you purchase will come with a strike plate, however, the strike plate that comes with your lockset may not be the most secure one for it. Strike plates are included in your lockset as a necessary component not quite for security reasons. Hence, most often than not, there is a possibility that it is not the most secure one to use with your door. A high-security grade reinforced strike plate with longer screws ensures that the strike plate is set deeply into the wall framing.

Choose Keychange Locksmiths Bolts and Bars Installation

We offer bolts and bars installation services. our professional 24-hour service includes repairs installation upgrades and changes for all lock types including deadbolts, latch bolt, straight bolts, tower bolts and many other secure bolts and bars.

Our installation services encompass all your security lock requirements plus a wide variety of secure lock categories, we provide lock complete, knob, and bolt installation. Also, we install windows and door locks as well as furniture locks such as desks and chests. we also carry out heavy duty installation as well ranging from commercial applications to backyard sheds, we pride ourselves in using locks that are difficult to bypass and can withstand prolonged general use and varying weather conditions.

We do not include hidden charges when rendering our services and we provide honest or front estimates.

Upon arrival at your door, our expert will examine your locks to see what is needed. if all that is required is a repair then that’s all that we will suggest. This may be as simple as a lock reinforcement or cylinder change, Also, we make you aware of all of your available options, and the effect each of them has on your security before we commence our work.

Why Choose us?

No Call Out Charges

We do not ask for a call out fee when we visit your home.

24 Hour Locksmith Service

We are available to serve you 24 hours a day. In the case of an emergency, we will arrive at your door within the hour and get working.

Security Surveys

We examine your premises to ensure they are secure. We verify the security of your property and locks and ensure that they are covered by insurance. Following our assessment of your premises, we’ll suggest ways of making your premises less of an attractive target to potential attackers.

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If you are considering installing door bolts and bars for improved security in your home, contact us and we’ll be on our way to conducting our security survey of your premises and carrying out the job to ensure that your locks are up to scratch.

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